Sunday, 19 May 2013

14th May Show Playlist

Dave Invisible Feel Love
Cougar Foil Epee Sabre
Skalpel If Music Was That Easy
Dobie & Eclectic Kin
Soft Hearted Scientists Song From The River
Soft Hearted Scientists Panorama
The Association Wantin Aint Getting
Henri Texier Quand Les Blues S'en Ira
John Gregory Goodbye Civilisation
Terry Garthwaite What More
Ghostpoet MSI MUSMID
Heron Acid Tool
English Singles Ordinary Girls
Evans The Death Catch Your Cold
Bright Coloured Lights Count The Rain Drops
Echo Lake Wild Peace
The Ropers Waiting
14 Iced Bears Like a Dolphin
Frankie Rose & The Outs Save Me
Moebius & Tietchens Cremon
Junior Electronics Mike McConnell
City & Colour Fragile Bird

7th May Show Playlist

Making Marks Hard To Be Good
Lloyd Cole & Hans Joachim Roedelius Pastrol 1
Solyst Pierbourg
Sinkane Runnin
Like a Stuntman Yesterday Euphoria
Camera Ausland
Michael Andrews Bubbles in Space
Dogtanion Hopeful Home
Roedelius Schneider Single Boogie
Pyrolator Vostok
Case Studies From Richard Brautigan
Kerry Leatham She (Live)
Mr James Bright Round it goes
Peter Lyons Holy Modernity
Tom Eno feat Mr James Bright Crashing With the Waves
Tall Firs Death of a Clown
Ken Stringfellow Doesn't it remind you of something
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters Gift Horses Mouth
Peter & Kerry The Summer House Song
Qluster Kilo
David Schwarz Rollin & Tumblin
The Phoenix Foundation The Captain
Young Hines Can't Explode

30th April's Show Playlist

Prinzhorn Dance School I want you
Moon Duo Ich Werde Sehen
Follakzoid 9
The Men B Minor
Sam Kills Two Bright Eyes
Red Shoe Diaries Ice and Snow
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jamusch The Mystery of Heaven
Zola Jesus Diamonds
The Holydrug Couple Je t'aime Non Plus
Wymond Miles Living Yeshua
The Crystal Art Rain
Larry Gus Accretion
Manitoba Every Time She Turns Round
Sunless 97 Auorora 2
The Rapture Children
Victoria & Jacob Festival
Yacht Le Goudron
Lo Fi Beats Press The Reset
Dan Mantle Meet Me In The Ambulance
Voodoo Hands Moonshot
Martyn We are you in the future