Thursday, 26 October 2017

Bring Your Own Vinyl Day Playlist 21st October 2017

James Holden - Outdoor Museum of Fractals
Four tet - Jupiters
Goldfrapp - Silvereye
Soulwax - Weekend Dancer
Stereolab - Ticker Tape of The Unconscious
Neu - Hallo Gallo
Apex Twin - Cirklon 3
PSB - Progress
Air - La Femme D'argent
Steely Dan - Do It Again
Holger Czukay - Cool in the Pool
Tom Petty - Dont do me like that
Husker Du - Fly your wig
Jimi Hendrix - Drivin South
Barry Grey - Joe 90
Robyn Hitchcock - Bass
David Byrne - The Sound of business
King Sunny Ade - Maa Jo
Ricky Lee Jones - Chuck E's in love
Temples - Shelter Song
Baltic Fleet - Towers
Robyn Hitchcock - Raymond Chandle Evening
Jane Weaver - Argent
New Avengers Theme - Laurie Johnson Orchestra
Papillon - L'air Que Je Chaute
The Chemistry Set - Legend of a mind
Toby Twirl - Baby You're a rich man
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard - Trap Door
Sendelica - I Feel Love
Gary Grace Band - Fat Old Sun
Igor Wakhevitch - Rituel de Guere Des Spirits de la terre
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard - The River
Toby Twirl - American Woman
Unkle - The Road Part 1 - What have we done
Soulwax - Ibiza
East India Youth - End Results
The Suuns - Irshirert
Can - A Spectacle
Carter - Born on the 5th of November
Spizzenegni - Virginia Plain
Francobollo - Future lover
Turtle - Bloodtype
Acacia - Gravity of Youth
The Joseph & Mary Chain - 12 Days of Christmas
Car - I want more
Adventures in stereo - Airline
High Fidelity - Sick of it all
Ted Chippington - Rocking with Rita
We've Got a Fuzzbox & were gonna use it - love is the slug
A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran
Lene Lovich - Lucky Number
Toni Basil - Mickey
Girlschool - Staying Alive
Sparks - Edith Piaf
Doobie Brothers - China Grove
The Darkness - All the pretty girls
Alice Cooper - Hallo Wed be my name
Blancmange - The Day before you came
ELO - Hold on Tight
Erasure - You surround me (remix)
Yahoo - Nobody's Diary
The Cure - Lovecats
Flaming Gods - Mixed Blessings
Xeno & Oaklander - Moonlight
Gary Numan - My Name is ruin part 1
Air - High Point
Monster - Electronic Sound
Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies
Orbital - Deepest Edit
PSB - Go
Uncle - Hold my hand
Jean Michelle Jarre - Oxygen
Human League - Being Boiled
DJ Shadow - Stem
Soulwax - Goodnight Transmission
Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On
Aphex Twin - Madreporic Plate

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