Sunday, 3 December 2017

Bring Your Own Vinyl Night 1st December 2017 Playlist

Looped for pleasure
PSB - Theme from PSB
Air - Once Upon a Time
Gary Numan - My Name is Ruin
Sadder Bazaar - Mi'Rita (Return)
Black Acid - Unforced Peace
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
Paul Van Dyke - For an Angel
Love Decade - So Real
Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
Neil Young - White Line
The Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional
Richie Havens - Ooh Child
Kevin Ayers - Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes
Human Beinz - Nobody But Me
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Tony Jackson - Watch Your Step
Skatalites - Coolie Bay
Shirley Ellis - Soul Time
Mary Clayton - Gimme Shelter
Twisted Sister - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Motorhead/Girlschool - Staying Alive
Alexi Sayle - Ullo John Gotta New Motor Part 1
Transvision Vamp - Baby I Don't Care
Blancmange - Living on the Ceiling
Van Halen - Jump
Kiss - Crazy Crazy Nights
Bonny M - Rasputin
Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like
Pogues - Battle of the Brisbane
House Martins - Happy Hour
Kirsty MacColl - Free World
Torpeders Kapell - Tema Ett (Theme One)
The Dylan 2 - Otokorashitte Wakaru Kai
Status Quo - Getting Better
Papillon - L'aser Que Je Chante
Beth Orton - Stolen Car
Silver Apples - Mustang Sally
Love - Good Times
The Waterboys - The Hammerhead Bar
Kavinsky - Blizzard
Post War Years - All Eyes
Dan Auerbacla - Cherry Bomb
Kavinsky - Rampage
Van Halen - Running With the Devil
Stranglers - Down in the Sewer
Sleezy D - I've Lost Control
Mohlao - Vacum
Brendon Moeller - Farmhouse
Model 500 - Starship
Curvs - Khyber Pass Pt 1
Chemical Brothers - No Need
Curvs - Don Johnson

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